Amber Le Bon Hair

Amber Le Bon wearing her hair long with layers
Photo by PR Photos
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Amber Le Bon went for a whimsical look while she attended the 6th Annual British Designer's Collective. She dazzled on the red carpet, wearing a commanding noir and red ensemble. Her entire look, from her oversized sunglasses to her exciting shoes was rather fascinating.
It is a fashion event, after all and with being a model, Amber is known for her unique fashion sense. Miss Le Bon's jacket was eye catching to say the least, as it has a raised pattern on it while her skirt had peek-a-boo circles paired well with a gray turtleneck and a long statement necklace.
Amber's long hair is a trademark, she has had kept her length for many years now and while she has kept the length, she does change up her hair color every now and then. She is wise to sport the ombré hair color trend as the variations in color add movement and interest to her lengthy hairstyle as opposed to all one color.
Amber Le Bon - Turtleneck look
Photo by PR Photos
Amber's long layers are another smart hair move for lengthy hairstyles. As you can see here, the layers create movement as well. Those things are important in long hair so that it doesn't appear it just hangs there.
For this event, Amber didn't have to do much. She added a heat protectant and blow dried it straight down. Lengthy hairstyles, are overall, easier to style but more difficult to maintain health wise. Be sure to use professional products and you too can have hair like Amber Le Bon.
Amber Le Bon's style with very long hair
Photo by PR Photos
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