Amanda Salinas' Hair

Amanda Salinas wearing her long hair in curled layers
Photo by PR Photos
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Amanda Salinas is usually seen with a lighter brown hair and blonde foils sliced about her hair.
We are seeing a dark brown, black color in this photo. We must confess, she looks good in that hair color! She has her hair in curled long layers and when you look closely you will be able to see the former highlights she once had, or is that gray?
Those turquoise beads and matching earrings look exceptional with her brown dress and olive skin. Moving right along, she has part of her top straightened and pulled under her hair along the sides.
This is something we hippies used to do, that is a carry over for today. Looks like the sixties all over again to me! Seriously, it is only those two sections she has, that whirled me back into Woodstock.
Amanda Salinas with long dark brown hair
Photo by PR Photos
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