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Hair with Curls around the Neckline

Alison Brie attended the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences and Sony Picture Television Present Night School with "Community" (April 7th, 2010). Her hair was worn in a smooth and casual artistic arrangement that flows over to one side with a light rolling wave completing with tight curls upon the ends that nestled around her neckline.
Alison's all over brunette hair color was given a few thin stripes of about 3 levels up from her brown hair that was just enough to continue her natural appearance.
Alison Brie - Hairstyle with curls around the neckline
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Her glorious smile gives a striking radiance to her deep blue eyes that match the color of her dress. She is wearing a fair toned foundational makeup. Her eyebrows are tweezed with a subtle arch and darkened to accommodate her brunette hair. She has thick eyeliner with lashes and mascara. There is concealor in her inner creases of her eyes.
Tip: Most ladies wear concealor and usually it is light to cover the dark pigment of color that betrays their beauty. One school of thought is to be sure and examine how close or how far apart your eyes are. Those dark tones can be a blessing in disguise if your eyes happen to be a bit too far apart. In which case, it would be wise to use a medium toned concealor, so it would only give the tones a warm color instead of white. If your eyes are too close together, go for the white; because white expands.
Alison Brie wearing a blue zipper front dress
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