Ali Landry's Hair

Ali Landry with long chestnut brown hair
Photo by PR Photos
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Ali Landry's natural hair is a lovely dark chestnut brown that has been lightened to about two levels up with shades of cinnamon and cloves blending well into her long layers. She wears her long layered hair with a slight subtle curl and generous amounts of gloss.
A large round curling iron will help with this hairstyle or large round conventional rollers placed vertically around the head. A vigorous brushing when dry will bring the casual curl seen in the photo.
Her pretty eyes are made up over a light/medium foundation with a smoky hue on the lids, mascara and neatly kept eyebrows. There is a fine brush of bronze/blush and a neutral glossy lip color. Her long round loopy earrings accommodate her gypsy girl look.
Ali Landry's long layered hair with cured ends
Photo by PR Photos
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