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Alaina Huffman's Medium Hairstyle

Alaina Huffman went to the San Diego Comic Con International 2010 on July 24, 2010 and there must have been some people there who recognized a resemblance of the late Elizabeth Montgomery in Alaina especially when she smiled for the photographer.
Alaina Huffman - Medium around the neckline hairstyle
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Her hair color is a mixture of light brown panels set in high and low blondes. There is one large section on the top that is styled back from her face, while one side is set around to touch her neck. The other side presents a large lush wave that touches along side of her cheek and then flirtatiously flips outward. Her back is mostly clipped blunt with texted ends to cover her neckline and flip.
Alaina's natural beauty displays a California look complete with a sunny smile and rich candy pink lips, light brown arched brows, light taupe eye shadow, eyeliner, mascara and blush. If she really wanted to smack the press, the idea of wrapping a color around her neckline that is the same color that is on her lips would do the trick.
Hair with a mixture of blondes and browns - Alaina Huffman Medium hairstyle with an outward flip - Alaina Huffman
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