Alaina Huffman Hairstyles

Alaina Huffman is a Canadian actress, born April 17th, 1980 and als known as Alaina Kalanj. She played Maureen Bowers on the series Painkiller Jane and Dinah Lance on Smallville.
Alaina Huffman
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Alaina is a classic blonde beauty who can get away with any hairstyle due to the balanced oval shape of her face and the harmony of her features. Whether she exposes all of her face with short and spiky neo-punk haircuts or wears a classic medium length bob with a lot of movement, she always looks stylish.
In her various roles she can be seen with a range of sassy short haircuts in a natural looking blonde color, but she also looks stunning in raven black hair, which makes a great contrast to her light toned skin. Medium long curls bring out her feminine side and she has also sparkled on the red carpets with lose updos.
Alaina is a perfect candidate for highlights and various shades of blonde in one look which increase the visual volume of her hair and bring a lot of sophisticated dimension.
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