Anya Monzikova Hairstyles

Anya Monzikova is an American model and actress. Anya was born in Russia on August 25th, 1984. She became a model in 2006 on the game show Deal or No Deal.
Anya Monzikova with short hair Anya Monzikova with her hair cut into a bob Anya Monzikova - Short and curly blonde bob
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In her job Anya goes through a lot of different haircuts and spends much time in the stylist's chair. This makes her a great example of how individual hairstyles can change the entire appearance and energy.
With her medium long Marylin Monroe curls she is definitely a heartbreaking femme fatale, but the same cut styled sleek brings out the sophisticated side of her.
Since Anya has a heart shaped face with a bit more width around the forehead than in the chin area, she looks best with hairstyles that keep volume and/or a lot of texture around the lower half of her face. Among those are classic bobs, not cut blunt but with texture in the ends and a little tapered feathering into her face.
Light fringes, also with texture and swept to the side or a long face-hugging fringe are to be preferred to thick and heavy bangs.
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