Long Hairstyle with Simplicity

Amber Brkich - Simple long hairstyle with curls
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She is the picture of health and looks like the lovely girl next door, but she happens to be Amber Brkich who was the winner of Survivor: All-stars.
She wears her long layered, brunette hair with blonde streaks racing throughout her hair, giving the impression that she plays on the beach all day long. Her hair has excellent texture. This style will suit those who are hungry for a long look, but yearn for simplicity at the same time.
If you do not have a natural bend to your hair, the wisest thing you can do is to get a body wave. This means a permanent with barely a curl, but more of a wave instead. For maintenance, using a leave in conditioner will do wonders for dry hair.
Usually just allowing your hair to be air dried will be enough to bring about this style. The main thing, is the haircut. Don't forget that part on the side.
Amber Brkich hair
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