Aisha Tyler Hairstyles

Aisha Tyler is an American actress, writer and comedienne, born on September 18th, 1970 in San Francisco. Aisha played the role of Andrea Moreno in Ghost Whisperer.
Aisha Tyler's medium long wispy hairdo Aisha Tyler with a flower in her hair Aisha Tyler with her hair smooth and long glam elevated ponytail short asymmetrical bob
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Aisha is a confident, strong woman who likes to look her best. She often changes her looks and has a lot of fun doing it.
She is beautiful with short or long hairstyles, but also has the face for very elaborate and sophisticated as well as whimsical styles with large accessories for her hair and for herself.
Her general style is always classy, feminine and with an element of surprise and edginess. She often brings an extra dimension to her hair with gently highlights in the caramel colored range.
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