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Mop-Top Hairstyle

The mop-top lives. This bowl-cut style features a heavy weight line around the head at brow level. The hair below the weight line is sharply tapered and the fringe is softly layered to feather around the eyes. The soft auburn glow of the hair gleams with fire and light. The hairstyle is a simple blow-dry for shape, or air-dry for convenience.

The make-up is heavily done in red tones to play off the green of the clothes and to tie in the color of the hair. The cleanly defined eyes, and heavily-blushed cheeks (for a wind-kissed look) are balanced by the high-gloss red lip color.
This light-weight knit turtleneck is a soft, forest green and features a faux-placket accent in metallic gold, and an appliqué picture on the chest. The look is accented by the large filigree antique silver earrings and connecting chain of copper-toned woven links.
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