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Long and Silky with Fringe

Soft and silky are the buzzwords to describe this long hairstyle. The beige blonde hair is cut with lots of razor texture on the ends and at the fringe (which is cut long to fall below the eyes) creating a gentle curve across the middle of the face.
The style is best achieved by blow-drying the hair straight with a smoothing serum to minimize poof, and flat ironing to give the sleek finish. And extra-light dab of product streaked through the hair after gives the added definition at the top and fringe area.

Here the make-up is meant to appear non-existent. A very light application of foundation or a tinted moisturizer to even out any imperfections and very subtle and soft pink tones in cheek color and lip tint accentuate the dewy complexion. Even the eyes are done in minimalist fashion with a light application of mascara to give a little extra "oomph" to the eyes and very subdued shading to finish off the clean, fresh look.
All this is done to prevent detracting from the lightweight knit ensemble. A wide, scoop-neck blouse and wide-neck collarless jacket are accented by the pale pink of the scarf, double-wrapped around the neck and draped forward to create an artificial "vee" in imitation of cleavage.
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