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Silky Straight Hair

Soft and straight best describes the long hair worn by this model. Her faun-colored locks are razor-cut on the ends and styled to be silky straight. The center parting gives a balanced look to the style.

Once more the make-up styling is designed to be an enhancement of the natural beauty, rather than a glamour look. Soft, neutral shades for eye shading and cheek color, with a splash of bold lip color to draw focus to the mouth and the model's full pouty lips.
The blouse worn features a textured, semi-sheer knit fabric and a satin-finish, rolled collar, with a half-placket and large, silver-rimmed buttons. It looks both classic and comfortable, with just a hint of seduction. It's perfect for women who want to hint at what lies beneath, while maintaining a more modest silhouette.
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