Effortless Short Hairstyle

Continuing with the "girl-next-door" theme, this model showcases a short, layer-cut hairstyle that has been styled with blow-drying techniques and enhanced with the use of hair products to create detailed texture. The soft brown hair color features subtle variations that contribute to its natural appearance.

While the hair exudes an effortless vibe, the makeup is deliberately applied to give the illusion of non-existence, showcasing perfect application skills. Neutral tones are chosen for the eye shading, while natural-looking pinks are used to accentuate the lips and cheeks, resulting in a truly natural beauty look.
The focal point of this ensemble is the heavily textured dress with a lacy appearance and a peasant collar style. The dress features a shawl-like overlay and a fitted bodice, creating a layered look that exudes femininity while maintaining a sweet and elegant aesthetic.
Photo Credit: FashionStock.com
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