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Sleek Shoulder-Length Haircut

The model here has a sleek-looking, shoulder-length blunt haircut with softly razored ends. Her longs bangs have been notched and the hair is parted at a slight angle, then the part is camouflaged by criss-crossed locks of hair for a windblown, tousled look.

The make up is subtle, as befits her porcelain features and fine boned face. Smoky shadow at the eyes, a light pink blush to the cheeks and soft pink lip color all lend to the image of a young woman just emerging from a brisk walk in the bitter chill.
Her ensemble is a vibrant crimson velvet shawl/poncho draped over a monochromatic base of sueded twill trousers (in what appears to be silk), suede gloves, sateen belt, and jersey knit long-sleeved blouse with a high collar half-buttoned and turned down. (The belt and blouse also appear to be silk.) She appears to be ready to brave the snow in this cozy ensemble.
Salvatore Ferragamo - Milan Fall 2003 Collection
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