Sleek Shoulder-Length Haircut

The model featured here showcases a sleek and stylish shoulder-length blunt haircut, with softly razored ends. Her long bangs have been notched, and the hair is parted at a slight angle. To create a windblown and tousled effect, the part is cleverly concealed by criss-crossed locks of hair.

Her makeup is subtle, which complements her porcelain features and fine bone structure. Smoky eyeshadow adds depth to her eyes, while a light pink blush enhances her cheeks. The soft pink lip color completes the look, evoking the image of a young woman emerging from a brisk walk in the bitter chill.
Her ensemble consists of a vibrant crimson velvet shawl/poncho draped over a monochromatic base. The base includes suede twill trousers, likely made of silk, paired with suede gloves, a sateen belt, and a jersey knit long-sleeved blouse. The blouse features a high collar, half-buttoned and turned down. Both the belt and blouse also appear to be made of silk. She appears ready to confidently face the snow in this cozy and fashionable ensemble.
Salvatore Ferragamo - Milan Fall 2003 Collection
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