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Bed Head Hair Look

Bed head abounds in this razor-cut designed as a hybrid of the classic pixie cut and a stacked bob. The haircut features a textured fringe and layering and a build-up of volume in the lower crown portion of the head. The nape features longer layering created through overdirection of the hair to the crown area before cutting.

The make-up is designed for a natural effect with emphasis around the eye. The soft pink and orange tons are meant to make the pale green eyes sparkle, while the thin, clean line of eyeliner draws further attention to the eyes. The remainder of the complexion and color is meant to give a dewy appearance.
Our model is wearing an extended-length turtleneck sweater in fine-grain knit. The super-long neck is meant to create a close-gathered cowling effect. The look is enhanced by the earth-tone pattern of the thin, knit vest.
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