Long Hair with Rich Curls

These lush curls are styled into a soft and romantic cascade. The haircut is kept simple, with minimal layering, except for some added layers near the ends. To achieve this look, blow-dry the hair until it's mostly dry, then wrap it around large rollers and let it air dry completely.

The hair color is a warm chestnut brown, with natural highlights and lowlights that enhance the curl pattern. To define the curls, lightly mist them with hairspray and scrunch gently.
The makeup features soft orange shades and peach tones to bring out the warmth in the eyes, which complements the hair color. The eyes are shaded to accentuate their contours with a touch of shimmer, while the lips are coated with a high-gloss finish in a pale shade.
This halter dress is made of a shiny knit fabric, evoking the glamourous style of the forties and fifties.
Photo Credit: FashionStock.com
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