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Long Hair with Rich Curls

These rich curls are styled into a soft, romantic fall. The haircut is simple, with very little layering, except near the ends. Blow-dry the hair to mostly dry, and wrap it onto large rollers and allow it to finish drying. The color is a warm chestnut brown, with natural high and low lighting to accentuate the curls. A light misting of spray and scrunching will add definition to the curls.

The make-up here uses soft orange shades and peach tones to bring out the warmth in the eyes and that further reflected in the hair. The eyes are shaded to highlight the contours and with shimmer, while the lips are covered with a high gloss finish in a pale shade.
This halter dress is created in a shiny knit finish fabric, and is reminiscent of the glamour dresses of the forties and fifties.
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