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Chin Length Blunt Cut

This model's wavy brown hair is blunt cut and styled in an off-centered angled parting, with razor-cut ends and obvious scrunching for definition of the natural curl. The hair is highlighted in a lighter brown to accentuate the curls.

Her pale, creamy complexion is complimented by subtle shading in soft pink tones on the cheeks and lips, with a diffuse application of aqua blue shadow around the eyes, highlighting the natural blue color found there. The finely applied blue liner, blue mascara and sharply arched eyebrows give her a very intense look.
She is seen wearing a thin, translucent black cardigan in a silk or rayon knit with clear buttons on the front placket and a deeply plunging neckline. The cardigan look is traditionally associated with librarians, but this is one look that says "My books are for grown-ups."
Paul Smith Women - London Spring 2004 Collection
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