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Layered Short Haircut

The model's rich brown hair features subtle highlights and a soft layered cut. The hair has been given large curls and styled to appear slightly mussed to give the overall look of having been ravished. The curved parting of the style gives the hair an asymmetrical facet that balances an otherwise large forehead.

Her make up creates a soft, natural look that focuses attention on the eyes, which use a smoky neutral shadow to give the "bedroom eyes" effect. A pale pink blush and satin-finish pink lipstick give the face a soft velvety glow.
She is wearing a deeply cut dress in a crocheted ivory lace with an accent bow in taupe chiffon. The look is at once elegant and sexy, and is suited for a romantic evening with that special someone or for that elegant soiree when you want to turn heads AND get a double-take.
Jasper Conran - London Fall 2003 Collection
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