Bob with Squared Bangs

This classic blunt-cut bob with squared bangs is made even bolder by the fiery red hair color. The ends are razor-tapered, and the hair has been straightened for a smooth and sleek look that still retains a playful vibe.

The makeup features intricate details around the eyes with neutral shading, while the pink contours of the cheek color and the length of the hair bring focus to the full ruby-red lips. The overall effect, while not exactly natural, exudes understated drama - playful and seductive.
She is wearing a lingerie-style top with metallic-threaded straps and a straight-cut bust line. The bodice panel is split down the center to create an inverse-cleavage effect, while beaded strands dangle along the sides, connecting the front and back of the garment, drawing attention to the smooth bare skin beneath.
Perhaps not an ideal look for meeting his family for the first time, but if you're headed to a nightclub in the middle of winter, this will definitely turn up the heat.
Gaspard Yurkevich - Paris Spring 2004 Collection
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