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Softly Textured Blunt Cut

Our model here has a softly textured blunt haircut. Her fine medium length hair has been razor-cut on the ends to give it a wispy finish, and has been styled smooth with blow-dryer and brush. The length of her hair and slightly shorter bangs are designed to soften her somewhat square face.

Her make-up is predominantly natural with a light foundation and powder. The soft pink tint on the lips has a matte finish which accentuates the fullness of the lips without overemphasizing them. She's wearing a very subtle application of cheek color to emphasize the contours of her face and a rich neutral eye color to enhance the eyes' shape with a splash of shimmering blue shadow on the inner corner of the upper lid to bring out the soft brown of her eyes.
She's wearing a trellis patterned blouse in a light rayon fabric under a thick, textured knit vest. This black and white look is excellent for casual office environs or daytime social functions. It's slightly dressy without being fussy.
Zanella - New York Fall 2003 Collection
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