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Among the young, there is an unwritten rule: "You must all look the same." Even though it is loudly proclaimed that individuality is so important. So why, when it comes to the biggest event of a young person's life, Prom, is one of the most important things that gets done their hair, and it looks just like everyone else's?
No matter if parents are working, rich, or poor, thousands of dollars will be spent at hair salons so that every young person going to the Prom will have the most up-to-date, sophisticated, and popular hairstyles available.
Most young people will have the opportunity to view images of themselves on the internet with the right hair, face, body, etc., and they will request it by name. ""I want to look just like Jessica Simpson did when she went to the prom!"
In the end, it will look just like your best friend Kaitlyn's prom do. You both will exclaim, "You look beautiful tonight," and it will be a perfect reflection of what you wanted.
What I have found out, though, is that it doesn't matter if your hair is long, short, or none; all hairstyles will be similar. Let's face it; every once in a while, a new hairstyle will come out and the trend will switch, but when they run out of ideas, where do they go? Back to the 70s. The 1980s were too flamboyant, I'm afraid. Most people prefer upswept, longer, more natural-looking hairstyles.
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I have heard from a salon stylist friend that long hair can be a nightmare to work with. It takes a long time to sculpt a hairstyle. When I asked her about hair extensions, she stated that those were even worse. Mostly, because you have to make sure that they stay attached through the whole evening and possibly into the morning. A lot can happen in that time. How embarrassing it would be to have your hair extensions accidentally pulled out while dancing. To a young person at their Prom, it would be a personal tragedy (and a fond, funny memory in their 40s).
So, a stylist has to be an artist, magician, and psychic around Prom time and know exactly what hairstyles are in style and be able to execute the popular ones. Business will boom as each friend tells the next where they got their hair done for Prom. Pretty soon, you have all the members of a clique looking exactly the same... Short hair has had extensions added to make it look like medium-length hair, which resembles the longest hair style. When looking at the pictures, you may notice that all the girls (and guys) look the same, and you may not be able to recognize your own client.
Then you will know that you have achieved the desired look: popular, up-to-date, and just like everyone else's.
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