How to Save on Haircuts and Hair Care

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Saving on haircuts and hair care is an easy and great way to free up some cash for other things, even in good economic times. In this article, you can find some ideas and tips on how to make the most of your beauty budget without sacrificing your good looks or the quality of your care.
Choose a low-maintenance haircut
The best way to save on haircuts is to pick a style that doesn't require trims every three or six weeks. Many short styles and cuts with very distinct, straight lines, like one-length bobs, lose their shape quickly and require regular visits to the salon.
Medium to long, layered, or choppy styles grow out gracefully, and you will only need to get them cleaned up and trimmed every eight or even ten weeks.
Cut and color your own and have a party too!
Do it yourself! Buy a good pair of hair-cutting scissors and learn how to cut your own bangs. It is easier than you think. You can also ask a friend to help and maybe give her a manicure in return.
Get together for regular "beauty parties" and help each other to color your hair and do small and simple trims. Add some cupcakes and tea (wait with the wine until all the cutting has been done) and have a great bonding time with your girlfriends.
Choose your Stylist
Many salons offer different prices based on the experience level of the stylist. If you're only there for a maintenance cut and not a refined, elaborate restyling, you should give one of the apprentices or new stylists a chance.
Check out this article about how you can even get a free haircut!
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Save on Shampoo and Conditioner
Salon brands smell and feel wonderful and do good things for your hair, but they can easily cost you more than the haircut itself. You can achieve great results with brands available at your drugstore, and even with store own and generic brands that have the same ingredients as the more expensive bottles. Check the labels, and you will be amazed at the savings.
Always remember that if your hair is damaged to a certain extent, there are no shampoos or conditioners that will fix it. They are made to clean your hair, keep it moisturized, soft, and shiny. Split ends, extreme brittleness, and hair breakage need to be fixed with scissors.
Dose it!
Watch how much you put in your hand. Especially if you have medium to short hair, you do not need a handful of shampoo. The amount of one teaspoon is often more than enough.
Conditioner does not have to be distributed all over your hair. Massage it into the ends or, when your hair is long, in the lower third or half of it.
Buy Bulk
Once you find your favorite shampoo and conditioner that you plan to use for a long time, check if they are available in large bottles. The cost per ounce or milliliter is much less. Often, you can find them in megastores like Costco, Sam’s Club, or even Walmart.
These bottles usually come with a practical pump dispenser that will help you with dosage. No need to push it three times; start with a one-time pump and see where it takes you.
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