Toni Home Permanent Commercials

1960s commercial for Toni Home Permanent. 📷
“This is a Toni. This is a Toni. This is a Toni. This is a Toni. Any smart do is easy for you with Toni’s hidden body. No other permanent, home or beauty shop, has hidden body. Watch! Here’s how hidden body looks when it’s wet. But, when you set it on big rollers like this, you get a smooth sleek hairstyle that really holds its shape. Or, you can start with Toni’s hidden body, set it on smaller rollers, and get a soft fluffy style. It’s the most versatile permanent you’ve ever had. Have a Toni with hidden body. Choose from three types of lotion, all with Toni’s no-mix neutralizer. Toni!”

Vintage 1960s commercial for new Toni Even Wave Home Perm. 📷
“When your swimming a lot and it’s humid and hot, your has to drop and goes fop. Now, here’s what you need to keep your hair up, so it stays pretty: hidden body. And Toni is the only permanent with hidden body. If your hair flops, Toni will pick it up and keep it up. Put hidden body In your hair. Have a Toni.”

1980s TV commercial for Toni Silkwave personal perms. 📷
“Toni Silkwave presents the personal perm. Here’s your guide to the one that’s right for you. Is your hair color treated? Be sure to use the gentle Toni Silkwave, just for color treated hair. Is your hair hard to curl? There’s a Silkwave just for you. Regular for normal hair. But here’s the exciting part: You get the amount of curl you want, just by the amount of time you leave it on. Silkwave, the personal perms. One is right for you.”

1960s commercial for the Toni Uncurly and the Toni No-mix perm. 📷
“Which twin had the Toni? You can’t tell? Nobody can. Not yet anyway. But wait… Now you can tell. Now anybody can tell which twin has the Toni, because Toni has hidden body and it lasts and lasts. With Toni, your hair never lets you down. For smooth sleek styles, use Uncurly Toni. And for soft fluffy curls, new No-mix Toni.”
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