Farah Fawcett in Hair Commercials

Lady Schick Speed Styler commercial from the seventies, featuring Farah Fawcett. 📷
“This Schick styler works so fast! You know what they call it? A speed styler. And look what else it has: a concentrator for those tough to dry places. And it’s fast! Three drying speeds for easier styling. And it’s fast! Special brush, for blow-drying. And it’s fast! Plus styling mist for control. And two combs for fluffy curls. Wow! Schick gives you the most to work with and it’s so fast. Schick calls it the speed styler. Get one!”

1970s Head and Shoulders "Hates your dandruff. Loves your hair" commercial with Farrah fawcett and Penny Marshall. 📷
“Lucy! Huh? Can I borrow your shampoo? What a roommate! Can’t you ever buy your own stuff? Well Lucy, I’m not exactly dressed to go to the store right now. How convenient. Head and Shoulders? I know it really works against your dandruff, but what about my gorgeous hair? Your gorgeous hair will love it. You know, it is de best-selling shampoo in America. Best-selling dandruff shampoo, you mean. Best-selling shampoo of any kind, because it hates your dandruff but it also loves your hair. I use it regularly. Well, it smells okay. Some kind of lather too! You know what I think? You think you look adorable. Not just that hon. I think your shampoo did a terrific sexy number on my hair. I love it! I’m glad. Now you can buy the Head and Shoulders. We’re out. Okay, can I borrow some money? Head and Shoulders, hates your dandruff, loves your hair.”

1970s Wella Balsam conditioner and shampoo commercial, featuring Farah Fawcett. 📷
“There are so many balsam products, but this is the one that started it all: Wella Balsam. It’s the original balsam. In just one minute, it makes your hair strong, shiny and easy to comb. That’s why everyone is trying to copy it. Because it works. See? You can tell the difference. So can your hair. So get the original! Wella Balsam instant hair conditioner and Wella Balsam shampoo. You’ll love your hair!”
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