Vintage Prell Shampoo Commercials

1960s Liquid Prell shampoo commercial. 📷
“No, no, no. For this photograph I want perfection. No. Ah, yes. Her hair shines. What’s her secret? Hey, here it is. It is Liquid Prell shampoo. It cleans, completely. It is not a shampoo that leaves a little shampoo in your hair. It cleans and rinses all the way, away. It cleans and leaves nothing in your hair to hide shine. It cleans, so hair can shine. Liquid Prell cleans, so hair can shine.”

1970s Liquid Prell commercial, featuring hair and beauty expert Gene Shacove. 📷
“The look today is very simple, very natural. A lot depends on a good haircut and a good shampoo. The haircut? Blunt, slightly layered. The Shampoo? Something uncomplicated: Liquid Prell. Liquid Prell has no conditioners and it leaves no deposits on the hair. All it leaves is natural clean and natural shine. No conditioners and no deposits. Liquid Prell, for unconditionally beautiful hair.”

1960s Liquid Prell commercial with a fairy tale story. 📷
“Once upon a time, in an ordinary cottage, lived a pretty girl named Cindy. Where’s Cindy? Oh yes, beyond all things Cindy loved to go into the bathroom, lock the world out and wash her lovely hair with luxurious Liquid Prell. There, washing her hair with Liquid Prell, Cindy lost all sense of time. Cindy loved Liquid Prell. She loved the luxury of Prell’s rich lather. One ting that fascinated Cindy was the way a pearl would drift through Liquid Prell. With her old shampoo it would just drop, but with Liquid Prell the pearl would drift slowly and dreamily. Cindy loved to watch and left her fantasy run. Liquid Prell would leave Cindy’s hair soft, clean, radiant, with a look of luxury. I think he’s here. Cindy, you look lovely tonight, lovely. Well, why not?”

1950s Liquid Prell shampoo commercial. 📷
“Radiantly alive. When your hair looks radiantly alive, then you feel radiantly alive. Thanks to Prell, Liquid Prell, the extra rich shampoo. There’s no other shampoo like Liquid Prell. Liquid Prell is extra rich. That’s why it leaves your hair looking radiantly alive. How gloriously different Liquid Prell is from thin, watery and wasteful shampoos or thick sticky ones that can actually dull your hair. Wonderfully different Liquid Prell is extra rich. Every emerald-green drop bursts into luxuriously rich lather that leaves your hair looking radiantly alive. And you feel so radiantly alive. Thanks to Prell, Liquid Prell, the extra rich shampoo.”

1980s Liquid Prell shampoo commercial, featuring Christie Brinkley. 📷
“My mom always told me: Christie, if you want your hair full of body, try Prell. But I didn’t listen. I had to try tons of shampoos and guess what: my mom was right. When it comes to leaving my hair full of body, nobody beats Prell. Prell’s got bodybuilders to leave my hair clean and in great shape. Look, that’s body. Prell does so much more than get my hair clean. It has the bodybuilders. Mom knows best!”
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