Vintage Ivory Shampoo Commercials

1980s commercial for Ivory shampoo and conditioner. This 1988 video gives us an interesting look at how hair care products were advertised in that era. 📷
“Did you put a little of this in your hair this morning? No, what is it? The oil, the wax, the fatty ingredients in some shampoos and conditioners. Uh! Over time, this is what leave a heavy build-up. I don’t want that in my hair! But Ivory is different, pure. It cleans and conditions without a lot of the stuff that leaves heavy build-up. Ivory cleans gently and thoroughly. Ivory shampoo and conditioner leave your hair feeling Ivory clean. Nothing but Ivory clean!”

1990s commercial for Ivory shampoo and conditioner. 📷
“Ivory shampoo and conditioner. It’s pure. It’s Ivory. And Naturally.”

1987 commercial for Ivory shampoo and conditioner. 📷
“That little spiky bangs or gelled-up hair, that just would never be me. Trendy looks come and go, but what you want is clean hair. Ivory clean. Oh, I’ve used a lot of shampoos that I get a really heavy build-up with them. And I, I did not feel that when I used Ivory. Ivory cleans gently without a lot of extra stuff that builds up. Ivory shampoo and conditioner means clean, shiny, natural hair. The Ivory difference? Naturally clean hair without heavy build-up.”

1985 commercial for Ivory shampoo and conditioner. 📷
“To me, beauty isn’t something you put on. It’s something you bring out. My wife does that great. Look at her hair! It’s shiny and healthy-looking, but not fancy. Introducing new Ivory shampoo and new Ivory conditioner. They don’t have lots of fancy ingredients your hair doesn’t need. New Ivory, simply made to clean gently and condition gently, to help keep your hair healthy-looking. Together they leave your hair looking soft and naturally shiny. Not fancy! It’s Ivory! I love the way her hair looks when it shines in the light like that. Not fancy. Just fabulous.”
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