1960s Hidden Magic Commercials

1960s commercial for Hidden Magic Hair Spray. 📷
“Here comes Wanda, the wonderful witch! Hi, I’m Wanda. Come on! I have bewitching news for you, about Hidden Magic, a wizardly new hair spray from Procter & Gamble. It holds, yet loves to be combed. The spray I used before was so stiff I couldn’t comb. But Hidden Magic has an exclusive holding ingredient: Flexinol. It holds this soft flexible way. So, if your hair gets mussed, it’s combed right back. Like magic! Do try it. The hair spray with Flexinol. New Hidden Magic. It holds and holds yet loves to be combed. Regular or extra control.”

Hidden Magic Hair Spray commercial from the 1960s. 📷
“Come on shorty! Oh, your hair, like chewing gum. Me God! Darling! Wanda the witch! Your bargain spray is the problem. Watch this cotton test. It sticks! Away with that problem! Try Hidden Magic, the perfect solution. Holds without being sticky. See? Hardly any sticks. How did you get rid of the chewing gum? A little witchery. New Hidden Magic. The problem-solving hair spray.”

Vintage sixties commercial for Hidden Magic Hair Spray. 📷
“Recognize this? It’s a hair conditioner. And this? It’s a hair spray. Okay, what do you think this is? I guess it’s a hair spray with a hair conditioner inside. Uh-huh the first rich hair spray. A brand new Hidden Magic. Rich? Because it puts rich conditioners in your hair as you spray and holds better than ever. Rich, a beautiful idea. New Hidden Magic with conditioners. The first rich hair spray. I bet it was a woman who thought of it. Now this new flip and flirty styling brush to flip, sweep, curl, comes free when you buy new Hidden Magic.”
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