ONE & MORE by Framesi

The new face of minimalism finds its beautiful simplicity in texture and structure that touch on the basic and don't require crazy styling tricks to look perfect.
Framesi's ONE collection is basic, raw, and it grabs our attention in a very visceral way. Flexible cuts featuring androgyny, contrast and intensity of color.
short white hair 3D hair coloring rugged shag cut artistic updo silver and gray hair contemporary male haircut
Framesi gives us the MORE collection. A very exciting set of hairstyles with a big wow factor. Short and long hair, cut to perfectly fit the woman or man who wears it. Featuring soft textures and a natural looking fall of the hair.
The hairstyles made by Framesi are not just attractive, but also have a practical side! The lightweight haircuts are designed for ease of styling that comes with options on how to wear the hair one day and how the next.
flexible short hairstyle haircut with contrasting lengths bob with angles light weight long hair curls for him modern mens haircut
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