Ladies Flattop Haircut

How to use a Brian Drumm flattopper or flatliner and clippers together with a wedge comb to give a woman a flattop style haircut.
Use the flattopper and clippers on dry hair and make sure to brush out all mousse and gel. The hair cutting begins at the side. Slide the flattopper comb in and run the clippers over the surface, removing all the hair. The flattopper teeth are smaller at the front of the comb. Bring it in towards the hairline to make it shorter.
For the short crop, continue around the side and keep the flattopper comb resting on the head and work around to the occipital bone. Follow the shape of the head and work the comb towards the top of the head and cut all the hair that protrudes through the flattopper.
Brush off all loose hair and you will see that the haircut is beginning to take shape. Now you will see the vertical line that only the flattopper can give you. The flattopper gives a beautiful softness of texture.
How to cut hair with a flattopper and clippers
How to cut hair with a wedge comb and clippers
The rest of the cut is done with a new cutting tool, called “the wedge”. The wedge is an extension of the original flattopper. It was developed to increase the height and length of the hair from 1/8th of an inch to a full inch. You can rest the wedge firmly on the head and it will give you the exact length you require without mistake. The wedge blends what was done previously with the flatttopper and it gives the advantage of a longer haircut with great precision.
You can also use the wedge for notching. Place the wedge into the hair and use the clippers to take out the weight. At the handle edge of the wedge is a small comb. You can use it to clean up all small hairs that you missed previously.
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