Vintage Dippity-do Setting Gel Commercials

Retro 1960s Dippity-do setting gel commercial. 📷
“Dippity-do for setting your hair. Dippity-do, no slick, no drips. Dippity-do, real body. Dippity-do. It holds and holds and holds! Dippity-do.”

1970s Dippity-do setting gel commercial. 📷
“Making a beautiful body takes a little doing. Making a beautiful hairdo takes a little Dippity-do. Easy. To shape it. To make it stay. To make it hold. To build in body and bounce, fast. And nothing holds like Dippity-do. Make a beautiful hairdo. All it takes is a little doing with Dippity-do.”

1960s commercial for Dippity-do setting gel. 📷
“To set your hair super straight, get Dippity-do and use your head like a super roller. See? Dippity-do it, comb through it. Then wrap it and clip it. You get a super set with Dippity-do, because Dippity-do is super hold, sets it straight, keeps it straight. Remember: to get it super straight, use your head and Dippity-do. Dippity-do!”

1960s commercial for Dippity-do setting gel. 📷
“No matter what you want to do with your hairdo, why not do it better with Dippity-do? Do it faster with Dippity-do. Get it better with Dippity-do. You set body, lots more body. You get hold that really holds. No matter what you want to do with your hairdo, you can do it better with Dippity-do. Dippity-do!”
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