Vintage Dimension Shampoo Commercials

1980s commercial for Dimension shampoo. 📷
“Convention says you need a shampoo and a conditioner. Now there’s a shampoo that’s so good you don’t need a conditioner. Forget convention, use Dimension.”

New Dimension shampoo commercial from the 1980s. 📷
“Ordinary shampoo takes your hair to the first dimension. Conditioner takes it to the second. But now you can take it to a totally new dimension, with new Dimension shampoo. Feel the difference. Its unique molecular action makes every strand of your hair looking so health and beautiful, you simply won’t need a conditioner. New Dimension shampoo. It takes your hair to another dimension.”

1980s Dimension shampoo commercial, featuring Helen Slater. 📷
“I can’t see you Tommy. I’m washing my hair. I really am. Now, which shampoo? Maybe mine, for shiny hair. Or mine, for bouncy hair. Or mine, for silky. Hey, all we need is Dimension shampoo. Dimension? Sure, Dimension gives you healthy-looking hair and healthy-looking means shiny, bouncy, silky, oh excellent. It’s Tommy and you already washed your hair. New Dimension shampoo. It’s all you need for beautiful healthy-looking hair."

Vintage late 1980s commercial for Dimension shampoo. 📷
“Look! He’s about to find out that at the same time he’s washing his hair, he can also condition it. With Dimension, a shampoo and conditioner, two in one. Dimension, a shampoo and conditioner in one handy bottle.“

1980s TV commercial for Dimension shampoo. 📷
“All you’ve got to do is one shampoo. Dimension, that’s all you’ve go to do. One shampoo, for bouncy, shiny, silky hair. One shampoo, for healthy-looking, pretty hair. Dimension shampoo. A pretty head of hair isn’t just healthy-looking beautiful shiny, bouncy. It’s all those things. And to get it, all you’ve go to do is one shampoo, Dimension. It’s all you’ve got to do. Dimension!”
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