Vintage Alberto VO5 Commercials

Alberto VO5 began as a conditioning hairdressing. De product was created by a chemist and a hairdresser, Alberto. That was many decades ago, and Alberto VO5 now has a full range of hair products. Visit the Alberto VO5 website to learn more about it.

1960s Alberto VO5 commercial. 📷
“Cut! Somebody do something about her hair. Do something about her hair. Her hair! Hairdressers all over Hollywood were having this problem. Nothing seemed to keep star’s hair from becoming dry and wispy during long hours under hot lights. Then, word began to spread about a wonderful new hairdressing, created by a man named Alberto. It was a remarkably different formula. Unlike other hairdressings it contained five basic conditioners that worked together to restore hair’s natural moisture balance. Movie star’s hair suddenly became easier too manage, looked lovely and lustrous again. And now yours can too. The very same formula now called Alberto VO5 is available to you everywhere. Try it and discover for yourself this beauty secret of Hollywood hairdressers. Alberto VO5, hairdressing and conditioner.”

1970s Alberto VO5 hot oil treatment commercial, featuring Rula Lenska. 📷
“In Europe we condition dry damaged hair with a salon hot oil treatment, but that takes time and money. I’m Rula Lenska and in America there’s a simple way to get the same results: Alberto VO5 hot oil treatment. Once a week I just heat a tube, smooth it in for a minute and shampoo. My hair is incredibly silky, shiny and manageable, like it’s done in a salon. Alberto VO5 hot oil treatment for expensive looking hair inexpensively.”

1980s Alberto VO5 commercial, featuring stylist to the stars Gene Shacove. 📷
“For thirty years I’ve been a hairdresser in Hollywood, where hot lights cause dry hair. I never found anything better for dull dry hair than Alberto VO5 conditioning hairdressing. We use a touch of VO5’s concentrated formula before setting or combing to put hair in healthy-looking condition. So it looks natural, easier to comb. VO5 could be just as fabulous for you. Give your dull dry hair the star treatment with Alberto VO5 conditioning hairdressing."

1980s Alberto VO5 hairdressing commercial. 📷
“You want to see this dull dry hair disappear? Like magic? Try some magic. A touch of VO5 hairdressing’s five natural conditioners makes dull dry hair look radiant. More manageable too. Try some magic. VO5 for healthier-looking hair.”
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