Vintage Adorn Hairspray Commercials

1960s commercial for Adorn self-styling hairspray with free colossal clips. 📷
“Enormous, colossal clips. Tremendous, colossal clips, Stupendous, colossal clips. Colossally free with self-styling Adorn. Put of a colossal clip full of hair and style a new way, the fast way in big, big sections. These gigantic loops can be sprayed inside, but you need Adorn. It’s waterfree, dries fast. Now, tremendous bangs. Only colossal clips lift them without ridges. Spray, and hurray, a colossal hairdo. It will hold up to twice as long because you did it with waterfree Adorn. Enormous, tremendous, stupendous. New styling up too. Colossally free with self-styling Adorn. Adorn!”

1950s Adorn self-styling spray commercial. 📷
“You can push in a wave. You can clip a curl. If you messed up, you can freshen up with Toni’s new Adorn. A new kind of hairspray from Toni: Adorn. The first self-styling spray may be used a brand-new way. See? You spray before you comb, not after. Adorn lets you create a smart new hairstyle as you comb. This year it’s smart to be sleek. Try wide, deep waves. Waves with lots of body. It’s easy with Adorn. The style you comb in, Adorn keeps in. Muss up, you can freshen up without respraying. A damp comb renews Adorn’s self-styling action. Proof Adorn holds twice as long and Adorn works invisibly. Can’t dull, can’t flake. Try Adorn. You’ll love Adorn! Adorn, by Toni.”

1960s commercial for Adorn self-styling spray with a free Teenie Bikini Brush and a styling book. 📷
“Adorn gives you the brush, and it’s free. The Bikini Brush, and it’s free with self-styling Adorn. First spray with Adorn. Adorn builds in body and holds it. Then watch Bikini Brush tease, curl, lift, smooth. The Teenie Bikini bristles do styling tricks big brushes can’t do. Get Adorn, Bikini Brush and styling book too. They’re free with self-styling Adorn.”
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