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Wild Hairstyles (3)

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Curly Hair:
       Curly hair can be a lot of fun to make wild. By adding a little color and texturing, curly hair can be a lot of fun.
       Notched Curls: With naturally curly hair that has tight spirals, one method can be to "thin" the hair with widely notched shears, leaving some of the curls long to stick out from the main body of hair. This gives an exotic, haloed effect to the style.
       Targeted Highlights: By adding moderately bold highlights that are styled to be formed into their own curls, you create the effect of "colored accent curls" in the hair. By adding two bold, yet complimentary colors to the style you can spice up an otherwise less than exciting mop of curls.
       Tipping: Tipping works especially well on shorter curly styles with larger curls. By adding a bold accent color to the ends of the curls, you give the hair a somewhat feathered look. The look can be soft and diffused or styled to add definition to the separate curls and therefore to the tips of color.
       Reversed Lights: In this method, color is applied to the hair from the scalp to varying point on the length of the hair. It's generally better when the color applied is darker. On full, curly hair the effect is one of drawing attention to the outer ends of the hair and looks especially good when the curls are styled with definition.
General Methods:
       These are standard options for wild hairstyles. They are the basic looks you see in a variety of wilder styles:
       Spikes: One of the most common elements of the wild style is the short spiky hairdo. However, spiky hair isn't limited to short hair. With today's styling products and techniques, even medium length hair can be made to stand erect, or spike.
       Super-short Stacked Bob: This is another common look that is great with bold colors. The hair is cut in a blunt bob style terminating at an angled cutting line that crosses the middle of the ear on the sides and ends at the bottom of the cheekbones in front and at the bottom of the crown area in back. The hair below this line is sharply tapered, or stacked. How to cut a short stacked bob.
Hair with wild streaks
Hair with a bold color
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       Bold All-Over Haircolor: Especially good for shorter styles, use a bold color all over the head (such as Bubblegum Pink, or Lilac Blue) to create a shocking effect.
       Streaking: One of the most daring options in a long hair style is one where a good sized segment of the hair is given color. I've seen this done on naturally dark hair where the bangs were colored in a Ruby red color, but the color can be virtually anything and anywhere on the head.
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