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Touch Up Gray Roots (2)

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Colormark Temporary Liquid Hair Color
Even at the more expensive price of $20, Colormark Temporary Liquid Hair Color is a popular product to touch up gray roots. This sponge tipped stick has been cited as being a ‘magic wand’ in disguising gray roots. The dye is applied to the roots with the sponge wand and combed through with the comb provided. It dries within minutes and washes out easily, leaving a vibrant head of hair and most importantly, without any gray. It is available in 12 different shades, so finding a shade to suit you and efficiently covers gray, should not be too difficult. Of course, as the name suggests, Colormark Temporary Liquid Hair Color, is only a temporary solution to covering gray and will eventually wash out and fade. Except from the rather steep price, this product is a perfect solution to ‘touch up’ gray roots in between salon visits.
QuickTint is a relatively new product which instantly touches up and covers gray roots in between color applications. Unlike many other similar products, QuickTint requires no mixing or waiting for the color to penetrate into the hair. QuickTint is an in instant, waterproof, portable and effective way of touching up gray roots, whilst you wait for your next visit to the hairdressers. Retailing at just $9.95 it is a fairly cost-effective way of disguising the telltale signs of aging.
How to Touch Up Gray Roots with a Conventional Dye
Many people, discontent with ‘miracle’ touch up products, rely on conventional dyes to mask any emerging gray. One useful tip is to color your hair a light color. When gray roots start to grow back, they blend in more with lighter hair, as opposed to darker dye, which makes the gray re-growth look more noticeable. Shades of blonde are particularly popular colors to cover up gray hair. If only some of your hair is gray, choosing a color which is similar to your natural color will provide far more discreet re-growth.
Once you have purchased a color read the instructions provided with the color as the procedure may vary slightly between hair color manufacturers, although there is a general procedure to follow. Always put on the plastic gloves provided with the dye to protect your hands from the chemicals. Also putting on old clothes may prove favorable as some dye may splash on clothes during application. Following the directions provided, mix the color preferably in a disposable plastic container. Once it is a smooth consistency, free from any lumps, it is ready to be applied to the hair. Touching up gray roots should always be done on clean, dry hair, which is free from any styling products.
Separate the hair into four sections, parting it in the middle down towards the neck, and from ear to ear. Use hair clips and clip each section to the head. It is advisable to rub petroleum jelly into the hair lines, as this will prevent the scalp from being dyed by the color. Apply the dye with the applicator provided with the coloring kit. Depending on how long your gray roots are, apply the color generously, ensuring all the roots and a bit more beside are covered. Typically one inch of color is required to cover roots. Keep flipping the hair over and apply the dye evenly until the whole of the head is covered.
The standard time required for the dye to work its magic and cover gray roots is 25 minutes, although this may vary depending on the type of dye and how quickly your hair ‘takes’ to color. Once you are happy the color has ‘taken’, comb the color through from the roots to the ends and leave for a further five minute. Rinse the hair with warm water, preferably in a shower until all the dye is removed from the hair. Dye kits usually come with a conditioner, apply the conditioner, rinse and then dry and style as usual.
It is not just societal pressures that make us frantically sought a solution to mask the betraying signs that youth is no longer on our side, but it is also for a personal desire to retain our beauty and not to be reminded that the years are passing us by each time we look in the mirror. Fortunately, help is at hand, and it is not that difficult to disguise gray hair, one of the first, most common and easily noticeable signs of aging.
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