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Hairstyle Advice for Teenagers (2)

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Square faces, like youth itself, are more versatile in what hairstyles they suit, whilst round faced teenagers should avoid long, straight hair, and stick to adding volume to the top of your head, with the help of some short layers, to create a more ‘oblong’ illusion. This advice is not confined to your teenage years and should stay with you as you creep into middle age and beyond. Likewise so should the texture of your hair. Hair which is limp and fine will not suddenly bounce with fullness and vitality as soon as you hit 20! Cutting your hair accordingly to its texture to maximize its appeal is a lifelong hairstyle convention.
Teenage Hair and Time Management
Generally speaking, teenagers have more time to attend to their hair than adults. Although adolescents are usually intent on staying in bed until midday to shirk out of any household chores or put off a looming college assignment, when it comes to creating a flawless head of hair before they leave the house, many teenagers will dedicate a lot of time to accomplish this aspiration.
Nonetheless, there are also plenty of teenagers who, when push comes to shove, forgo such self pruning in favor for an extra few minutes in bed. Your personal preferences to how much time you spend on your hair each day should be considered when choosing a hairstyle, which is again a consideration also deemed appropriate for adults.
Some Popular Hairstyles for Teenagers
• Shags
Appropriately named shags, these choppy, bouncy and layered hairdos, which look great on long or short hair and are immensely easy to maintain, have been popular amongst teenagers for decades, and continue to be so. Shags never fall out of fashion and ooze a funky air of fun whilst retaining an element of ‘coolness’.
• Fringes and Bangs
Like the shag, teenagers who sport hair with a fringe or bangs seep sophistication and chic that is bound to generate classroom copycats. Blunt fringes are particularly popular amongst teenagers, like are bangs, which are look particularly ‘cool’ when swept to one side.
• Long Layered Hair
A teenage girl who possesses long and luscious locks will always ignite feelings of jealousy from her fellow female classmates and cause testosterone to run riot with the males in the class. Long hair requires not only greater maintenance than short hair, but also hair which is in very good condition. Teenagers boasting less than perfect longer locks can boost their hair with a few layers which will make the hair look in better condition add volume and help to enhance facial features.
• Freaky, Bold Colors
Quite literally, your teenage years are the only time when it is considered ‘appropriate’ to experiment with some weird and wonderful colors. Shocking pinks, outrageous reds and deplorable blues look great on those so young they can get away with it.
When you are a teenager it feels like you are going to be a teenager forever, but believe me you are not. Youth doesn’t last forever and it is therefore important that you live it to the full, and that means your hair too!
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