Can Hair Loss Be Prevented?

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As 95 percent of hair loss is rooted in the genes of our ancestors, preventing hair loss from occurring would be to defy science and human nature. There are, however, certain steps that can be taken not only to prolong the inevitable from happening, but also for the 5% of hair loss sufferers whose conditions are not hereditary, to thwart the onset of excessive thinning of the hair.
Follow the following advice, and instead of reaching for the clippers - the seemingly fashionable solution to disguise balding - you could be brushing those luscious locks for many years to come.
1. Modify your diet
Hair is made of protein, keratin to be more specific. If a man is deprived of water, he will die. If hair is deprived of protein, it too will die. Diets rich in essential minerals, vitamins, iron, and protein are much healthier than diets consisting of mostly sugar and fat. Simply modifying your diet to include more fish, fruit, and vegetables will prove invaluable in the battle against hair loss.
2. Eliminate Illness
Hair loss can be one of the first symptoms of many illnesses, for example, diabetes. If you are experiencing hair loss and don't know why, a visit to the doctor to eliminate various illnesses is crucial, as the quicker the cause of hair loss is diagnosed, the quicker it can be appropriately treated.
3. Learn to Relax
Since scientists discovered a connection between the chemicals produced during periods of stress and their negative effect on hair production. Emotional stress and anxiety are said to be common causes of hair loss. To avoid this unwelcome side effect of nervous tension, learning to relax and cope with stress is essential.
Yoga and meditation work wonders for some people, while simple breathing techniques can help others relieve stress and the issues it causes. Experiment with these different stress-busting tactics, and your hair could love you for it.
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4. Try Hair Loss Supplements
Because baldness and excessive hair loss are extremely common problems, the number of cures saturating the market grows year after year. Take advantage of this plethora of anti-hair loss pills, like Provillus, and experiment until you find one that yields results. While such products are unlikely to actually prevent hair loss from occurring, if taken early enough, they may delay a depressing fear from growing into an incurable reality.
5. Take Exercise
Again, it very much depends on what is causing your hair loss as to whether exercise will be beneficial in your mission to prevent and curtail bald patches from appearing and then spreading. With hereditary type hair loss, otherwise known as male or female pattern baldness, or androgenetic alopecia, altering lifestyles will have little impact on deterring any impending bald patches from becoming evident.
Exercising, however, increases blood circulation in the head, which stimulates hair follicles immensely. For those millions of non-genetically programmed bald heads, particularly if the problem is caused by an imbalance of hormones, taking regular exercise may be invaluable in retaining a full head of hair.
6. Avoid Persistent use of Hair Chemicals
It stands to reason that lashing your locks with chemicals found in colorants, perm solutions, and many hair styling products will have a damaging effect on your hair. Avoid this damage, which often leads to hair falling out at an alarming rate, by using such products sparingly. Also try not to damage the shaft and follicles by constantly binding them in a ponytail or bunches. Treat your hair with respect.
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