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Hairstyles to Look Younger (2)

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Since the natural process of aging lightens the color of the hair anyway, this added color only serves to enhance the other effects of aging. Therefore the fine wrinkles suddenly appear more visible. And it isn’t just brunettes for whom this is an issue.
Take a look at Blythe Danner here. The photo from January 2003 shows Ms. Danner with her golden blonde hair. While she looks lovely, there is a definite contrast when you see her with lighter, softer color in the photo from March 2008. The result is that her features appear more subtle, and the fine lines and wrinkles appear diminished.
Blythe Danner hairstyles
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However, again, there is a caution in going too far with paler colors. As seen in the latter photo, there is a paleness to the skin that comes as a result of the overly neutral tone of the haircolor. I would recommend a slightly warmer tone for the color of the hair. Perhaps a shade with a golden base color to accentuate Ms. Danner’s blue eyes.
Aging Issue: Sagging, Common Mistake: Poor Cut Choices
SOLUTION: Balancing Cut & Styles
Another common problem faced as we grow older is that our features often begin to sag. It’s common knowledge that the extremities of the body (those features furthest out from the center of the body) continue to grow as we age. This means that our feet and hands continue to grow, as do the ears and nose. The growth presents a problem as it can really make the face appear older.
The good news is that the right haircut can make all the difference. The bad news is that few women realize what makes a good cut for them. Many women just assume that getting older means that they should go shorter with their hair. For some women, a shorter hairstyle is a good thing, but it has to be the right short style, and “short” is relative.
Sigourney Weaver hairstyles
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It’s not really possible to give “rules” that will apply to every woman, but let’s look at an example and talk about what makes a cut the right one for her. This time we’ll use Sigourney Weaver who has always had very strong features, and who has usually sported shorter hairstyles. In the first photo from April of 2003 we see Sigourney with a short, layered and curly style. The style is lovely, but it seems to draw focus to the wrong places. Her high forehead, sharpened nose and strong jaw are left to stand out.
Now, when we step to June of 2008 we see a style that seems to offer balance to the face, and a softening of the features by virtue of the soft waves in the style. The length is still short, but is very flattering with the fringe and side parting to help keep the features in balance. In addition, the softer color helps to make a softening effect regarding the little lines and wrinkles that could be sharpened by a darker color.
The photo of a month later, in July 2008, shows a different styling of the layered cut. The hair is drawn back into a sweeping curve around the ears. This has the benefit of providing balance to otherwise sharper features. The style is elegant and flattering, and the right cut and style can make you look like you’ve had a facelift.
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