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Beautiful gray hair for men and women
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As the dark follicles quickly diminish, the gray hair keeps growing, giving the illusion of ‘going gray’ over night. Your Grandmother may have teasingly remarked as you alarmingly pawed over your first gray hair, “pluck one gray hair out and two will grow back”.
There is however no scientific evidence to support this theory, so if pulling the gray hairs out is your solution to disguise your graying mane, feel free to yank away. “People with dark hair go gray quicker than people with light hair’, is another gray hair fable. Whilst there is no degree of truth is this theory, because gray hairs show up more on darker hair, it gives the illusion that a person with dark hair is grayer than they actually are.
How to prevent, cure or curb gray hair?
Unlike the plethora of products available to prevent, cure and curb hair loss, similar products in tackling the onset and development of gray hair, are relatively non-existent. Although there is a product, which is relatively recent, that claims to prevent and reverse gray hair.
A tablet called Melancor, produces melanocytes, which increases a person’s ability to generate melalin pigments in their body. Melalin are the pigments which produce color, so by triggering an increase in these pigments, Melancor helps to overcome grayness. These anti-gray tablets also wields an intense action of Melanocytes, where it causes stored melalin to become active and in doing so increases the size and amount of strands of hair in a person’s natural color.
Another treatment called Promel works in a similar way by reactivating melanocytes and subsequently restoring hair back to its natural color. Although the effectiveness of such products remain relatively unreported. Dying hair that is going gray is by far the most popular and effective way to disguise nature’s way of letting us know age is knocking at our door. Should we be visiting the hair salon every two weeks to fervently disguise our gray roots? Or should we be embracing our grayness as a sign of sophistication, glamour and even sexiness?
Self Obsessed or Human?
For years men have been deemed sexy and dignified when donning a full head of gray hair. George Clooney and Steve Martin spring to mind - attractive, charming and successful men whose silver and distinguished locks augment their sex appeal considerably. Why is this not the case for women?
Because society has a deep-rooted conviction that women with gray hair are well past their sell by date. Whilst a long list of celebrity men with sexy gray hair can be quickly reeled off the tongue, it is hard to think of any women, whose gray mane enhanced her sex appeal or career in any way.
It is albeit impossible to name one woman in the public eye who proudly dons her gray locks and receives credibility and admirers for doing so, because celebrity women, even more so than common folk, are intent on covering up any sign of gray by lashings of colorants and chemicals.
Is this self obsession? Or is this just a natural human reaction to ‘getting old’? We are in an era where ‘growing old gracefully’ is not in the equation and retaining one’s youth is paramount – especially for celebrities.
Unlike wrinkles and hair protruding from our nose and ears, gray hair should not detract from the phenomenon of youth. As Rod Stewart once sang, “Youth’s a mask and it don’t last”- instead of masking our gray tresses to desperately grip onto our youth, we should embrace it and in doing so abolish trying to mask our real identities.
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