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Waxing - Pulling and removing hair
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The Disadvantages of Wax Hair Removal
•  It’s painful. Although everybody has a different pain threshold, waxing hair from the body, undeniably hurts! Whilst some people can handle the pain, for others it means waxing is a no-no method of removing unwanted body hair.
•  Waxing usually causes a red rash to immediately appear, although this disappears an hour or so later.
•  For waxing to be able to achieve optimum results, the hair should be at least one centimeter in length. It is therefore advisable to refrain from repeating the process for at least six weeks to allow the hair to grow long enough – a request that puts off those wanting permanent hair free and silky smooth bodies.
•  Whilst the potential side effects are relatively minimal with waxing, one possible hazard is ingrown hairs. They can occur when hair, instead of being pulled off by the wax, break off under the skin and the skin becomes inflamed when re-growth starts.
The Hot versus Cold Debate
Cold wax does essentially the same job as hot wax but involves using pre-coated wax strips. Whilst cold wax strips are less messy than hot wax, most testimonies report that they are not as effective as hot wax, as they often leave some hair still attached to the skin.
Because hot wax moulds onto the skin and grips at each individual hair more tightly than cold wax strips, hot wax treatments are better at removing shorter hair. Given this fact, hot wax is the best option for removing hair from areas people do not allow to grow back, such as the upper lip or the chin. Many reports about waxing affirm that hot wax causes less reddening of the skin than cold wax, therefore making it a preferable option for those who have sensitive skin.
One disadvantage of hot wax over cold, is because it is a fairly messy procedure, waxing large areas with hot wax should be left to the experts and because of the mess and difficultness of hot wax treatments, cold wax strips tend to be a more popular waxing method at home.
Home versus the Salon
Like with all methods of hair removal best results are achieved by a professional who has in-depth knowledge and experience about the procedure. The hair is more easily ripped off when it is at a 40 degree angle and when either the cloth or strip is removed very quickly.
When left in novice hands accomplishing these tasks can prove to be easier said than done and many people who try waxing themselves are often left with only partially waxed skin. Although practice does make perfect and most people improve their waxing technique with perseverance and find that waxing at home is a much more inexpensive and convenient option than visiting a salon.
Organic Wax
Some skin is more sensitive than other types of skin and is more prone to having an allergic reaction to both hot and cold wax. Organic wax is available, which contains purely organic ingredients, including aloe which helps to reduce irritation and soothe the skin.
Like most organic products, organic wax is slightly more expensive than regular wax. Homemade solutions are another option. Many people choose to make their own wax by putting sugar, lemon and honey into a microwavable bowl and heating the mixture until it is hot and gooey.
Waxing, whether it be with hot wax or cold strips is an extremely efficient and inexpensive way of removing surplus and unattractive hair from our bodies – providing you can survive the pain.