Temporary Hair Color (2)

Temporary hair color
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Brush on Hair Color
As easy as putting on mascara. Small amounts of color are transferred to the hair using a brush which is very similar to a mascara brush. This is a great way to quickly add highlights and color effects into your dry hair.
The advantage is that the application can be in a very defined, targeted area because of the small brush that is used. At the same time this makes it difficult to work on larger sections.
Splat Rebellious Colors - brush on washable temporary hair color
Some people use a combination of a spray color and the brush on products for details. This method is one of the preferred ways to cover up roots and strands of grey hair.
Colored Gels
Gels give you both, good hold and color. Most products work well on darker hair, but results are the brightest when used on blonde or light brown shades. Usually there is not much bleeding of the color when using a colored hair gel, but the downside is that it always will have the starched and wet effect. So if you are looking for color effects in free flowing hair, you may want to take a second look at the brush on color or the hair chalk.
Colored Mousse
With a colored mousse you can except subtle to intense color effects together with some texturing and styling agents that also condition your hair. You can either boost your own color with a more intense tone, give it a hint of red or gold or even a big burst of pink, blue or green. The application is easy and best done on slightly moist hair, which is then combed through before styling to distribute the color well.
Color Rinses
In between salon visits and to freshen up your color, a hair color rinse is a quick and easy fix. Simply applied to moist hair after washing the liquid provides nourishing as well as a thin coat of color, which washes out again the next time in the shower.
Rinses are often used to remove the brassy tint that can come with a bleaching or blonde dye. The color it leaves behind is balancing and transparent, therefore it won't cover dark hair with light tones, but you could add, for example, a nice red light to darker hair.
Homemade Experiments
It does not just put the color on Easter eggs, but also in your hair. Food coloring has been the low budget choice for hair coloring effects since decades and there are many recipes and procedures out there. You can use the liquid food color in the small drop bottles or even Kool Aid (the basic powder without added sugar).
It is safe and inexpensive, but takes a while to process and here is the big CAUTION: Depending on the structure and lightness of your hair and the processing time of the food coloring, it might not come out in one washing and it can take a few weeks to fully disappear. If you use an extreme shade like purple on light blonde hair and let it soak in for hours, you will have to live with it for two or three weeks, during which it will weaken more and more.
Last Thoughts
Always wear protective gloves and use an old towel around your shoulders. Even though these colors are "temporary" they can still leave stains. Most temporary hair coloring products are not waterproof. That is why they wash out so easy. They also have a tendency to rub of on clothes and at times even skin.
A great way to use them without too much mess is in up-styles or just in a few accentuating strands. Do not go swimming and stay out of the rain, otherwise ... enjoy, play and be creative!