The DoubleHair Strip by Balmain

DoubleHair Strip
More hair length, volume and color in less than 20 minutes
If you have thin hair, chances are you are always looking for a way to make it look thicker and have more volume. The answer is finally here with the DoubleHair strip that was created by Balmain. This great product allows you to fix a strip of hair that is equal to having 45 extensions put in, all in under 20 minutes of time.
This hand knotted strip is made of 100 percent human hair and is available in nine color combinations. There are four basic tints that can be dyed to any color and five duo-tones of the most popular colors. There are two different lengths available, 25 cm and 40 cm. The innovative design of this product allows you to have a great new style in less than 20 minutes.
Balmain DoubleHair Strip hairstyle Balmain DoubleHair Strip hairstyle Balmain DoubleHair Strip hairdo Balmain DoubleHair Strip hairdo Balmain DoubleHair Strip extensions
Natural look
The best part about this hair is that it gives the woman an all natural look. You can wash and style the hair as you would your own. The strips are adhered invisibly and blend naturally with the woman's own hair.
There are two different attachment systems available for the hair. The permanent attachment can be done by the hairdresser. A temporary attachment system involves clips that a person can apply herself and take out whenever they want.
Images: ©Balmain Hair