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How to make your own Shampoo (2)

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Another great idea is to use a herbal infusion instead of water to mix with your soap flakes. Try a strong chamomile tea for blonde hair to give it extra luster. Nettle and/or sage for oily hair. Green tea is antibacterial and has a load of antioxidants that can also benefit your hair and scalp.
Play with different combinations and find what works best for you. Check your herbal books for specific combinations of plants that work for your needs.
If your hair is especially dry, you may want to add a couple of tablespoons of almond or olive oil to the basic shampoo mix. This will keep it moist and supple especially in harsh environments, when the hair is exposed to a lot of sun and water.
woman shampooing her hair How to use your homemade Shampoo
Using this homemade shampoo is just as easy as the store bought ones. One of the differences however is that you will not get as much lather. If you don't see and feel your normal bubbles it does not mean that you did not apply enough of the shampoo on your hair. It just does not foam as much, but still has powerful cleaning agents. Less is more and the amount of shampoo to use also depends on the length of your hair of course. It will take a few tries until you get used to it, but then you will also notice more and more benefits.
Your hair will be shinier, softer, not as frizzy; it won't get static as fast and will have much less tangles. No more detangling sprays!
Always rinse well!
Make sure that you rinse your hair well. Everything you wash your hair with commercial or homemade can leave residue that builds up over time if you don't rinse well. There is no specific time that can be recommended, as it also depends on the length of your hair and the amount of shampoo used. If in doubt keep your head under the water a little bit longer and make sure all water that comes out is clear.
Finish it all with cold water to allow the cuticles to tighten up again. This will leave your hair shinier. A final rinse with a vinegar/water mix in a ration of 1:4 (like 1 cup vinegar in 4 cups of water) will help restore the natural PH value of your hair, add strenght and shine. No worries, you won't smell like a salad dressing afterwards, just make sure to use pure vinegar like an apple cider vinegar. Blondies with slightly oily hair may benefit from a lemon juice rinse, instead of vinegar. It removes residue, shines up the hair and makes it feel clean and fresh.
It is not necessary to use a conditioner after putting all of these good things in your hair. Just be careful with getting too creative. Make sure you have no allergies and do your own dilligent research of herbal effects before you use them.
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