How to Hold Your Shears (2)

How to properly hold hair cutting scissors
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The shears are held with the palm folded so that the fingers and the thumb extend to the same length (a flattened "c" shape). The shears are maneuvered open and closed by simply moving the thumb only. You do NOT flex the fingers of the scissor hand to open and close the shears.
By keeping the fingers stationary and moving only the thumb, you allow yourself better control of the shears for cutting, giving you more precision and accuracy in your finished looks.
Eastern/European Grip
The Eastern Grip method involves holding the shears in an inverse position to the Western method. The shears are gripped with the index finger and thumb in the holes, and the remaining fingers are used to stabilize the shears during use.
Once again, the shears are opened and closed by moving the thumb ONLY.
Eastern grip or European grip for scissors
By holding the shears with the Eastern method, various techniques like slithering and slicing the hair can be done with less wrist strain because the blades are already oriented in the proper direction for the techniques. It is also useful for performing the point-cutting technique on short hair, specifically on the top of the client's head.
The Eastern grip does take some getting used to since you are holding your scissors contrary to the way any other scissors you may have used before would be held. However, with time and patience, you can master this method and make use of it to your and your client's benefit.
Some people find that they can perform some techniques much faster using the Eastern grip. Some even prefer it to the traditional Western grip method. As mentioned before, I use both for different situations.
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