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Create your own "catwalk look" in a twinkling!

Once again Balmain comes through for women that want to change their looks without spending a ton of money. The hairMake-up collection offers runway looks at any time you want them. If you want to add volume, length, or color to your hair, you can do so by using these extensions. The best part is you can do it yourself with ease.
The collection is made of memory® hair and is available in nine different colors, which will match almost any natural color that is out there. There are a countless number of hairstyles that you can configure using this great set of hair. The material that the hair is made from allows you to curl it or straighten it with the guarantee that it will hold until you decide to wash it out. The clip in system is invisible and very easy to use.
  • hair model before
  • hair extensions for color accents
  • hair extensions for fringe
  • fringe extensions
  • hair extensions
  • hair extensions
  • length hair extension
  • hair extension for length
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The collection also uses the soft blend edge technique that has been patented by Balmain. This technique allows you to lay the pieces side by side as opposed to on top of each other. The result is a lighter feel that holds 20% more hair per square inch.
  • hair extensions - inside
  • hair extensions - outside
  • color fringe
  • length extensions
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