Balmain Hair

New Glamour Shoot
This wondrous glamour shoot was shot in the heart of London. Stephen Goldsworthy is Global Ambassador for Balmain Hair and has created these lovely hairstyles using their great hair extension systems.
  • curly hair extensions
  • curly hair
  • updo
  • hair styled semi up
  • festive short hairdo
  • short hair with braid
  • up-style with curls
  • short blonde bob
  • updo with curls
  • hair extensions with curls
  • sleek updo
  • retro short curly hair
  • hair extensions
  • hair extensions
  • hair extensions

The collection does a great job of showing all of the different styles that can be achieved using the Balmain hair extensions and pieces.
Images: ©Balmain Hair