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Permanently remove hair with the electrolysis method
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Except for a slight reddening of the skin that is temporary and usually fades several hours after the treatment has finished, there are no permanent side effects caused by electrolysis.
This method of hair removal, if carried out by a professional, is extremely safe and because it involves no harsh chemicals or abrasive methods, like many bleaches and waxes do, electrolysis causes minimal negative effects on the skin.
The Disadvantages of Electrolysis Hair Removal
It is extremely rare that one session of electrolysis will remove unwanted body hair permanently. While the normal duration of each session only lasts between 15 minutes to an hour depending on the size of the area being targeted, although it varies from each individual and the particular area of the body being treated, an average of 15 to 30 sessions are usually required to achieve optimum results.
Because it can take weeks and sometimes even months for the hair to be effectively killed at the root, electrolysis is a relatively slow method of hair removal, unlike lasers which have the advantage of being quicker. Because of this, laser technology is usually preferable over electrolysis for removing hair from larger areas, such as the back, and electrolysis is usually confined to removing hair from smaller areas, such as the upper lip or chin.
As money is one of the leading considerations when weighing the pros and cons of a purchase, then this is definitely one of electrolysis's weaknesses, as it can take many sessions of electrolysis to completely eradicate the unwanted hair, it can easily cost over $3,000.
When a qualified technician performs electrolysis, the potential side effects are almost nonexistent. However, if used in the wrong hands, possible side effects can range from scabs, swelling, blisters, dryness, and even ingrown hairs. While the majority of these electrolysis ailments are typically temporary and disappear in a few days, if they are severe enough, they can lead to permanent tissue damage and scarring.
Do It Yourself Electrolysis Hair Removal
Although there are electrolysis kits available so that people can perform the procedure themselves, doctors advise that a professional always completes the treatment. These homemade electrolysis devices can be difficult to use, messy, and even dangerous if used by people who are untrained in the field of electrolysis.
For the same reasons, it is of paramount importance that research is conducted to find a qualified, reputable, and experienced electrologist before undergoing any treatment. Being treated by an inexperienced and untrained electrologist may result in additional sessions and money being required before an effective result is achieved.
In the United States, regulation of electrolysis centers is routinely practiced, although it does vary from state to state. Finding a reputable electrologist in the US is therefore a relatively straightforward task.
In an increasingly aesthetically conscious world, both men and women are searching for the best methods to achieve perfectly soft, smooth, and flawless skin, free from hordes of hairs. As technology becomes progressively more sophisticated and innovative, our quest to have hairless bodies is becoming more easily attainable, and electrolysis, as always, is at the forefront in the art of hair removal.
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