Hair Loss Concealers

Hair loss concealer
Combine your thinning hair with Toppik hair building fibers for a thicker and fuller head of hair. The hair fibers are charged with static electricity and will bond with your own hair. They will stay in place all day, even in rain and strong winds. This is a hair loss concealer that doesn't create a fake look.
Couvré alopecia masking lotion
Couvré Alopecia Masking Lotion is a colored lotion to apply to the area with thinning hair. It eliminates the contrast between your thin hair and the scalp. This hair loss masking lotion does not conflict with hair loss products or treatments and won't block pores. Nobody will be able to tell you are using it and it won't come of when perspiring, excercising or swimming.
DermMatch hair loss concealer colors your scalp to make it match your hair color. It will also coat and thicken your thin hair to make it stand up and spread out for fullness. This product does not contain hair dye, only colorants and will not interfere with your hair growth.
Jerome Russell hair thickening spray
Jerome Russell Hair Thickener Spray
Spray to cover bald spots and to make thinning hair look fuller and thicker. Available in different colors to match your own hair color.