Conceal Scalp Show-through with Toppik

Woman with a scalp show-through hair problem
When natural hair density decreases, for instance due to hormonal fluctuations, diseases, genetics or environmental influences, you want a fast and effective solution to conceal scalp show-through.
The Toppik product series is a professional solution with no side effects. In a matter of minutes it conceals thin and thinning hair in women and men. The result is a natural look. Also purely cosmetic problems, such as gaps caused by tight ponytails or braiding, can be filled with Toppik hair building fibers.
The secret lies in the Toppik hair building fibers technology. The fibers are made from natural keratin. This is the same type of protein found in real hair. The fibers are microscopic and have a natural static charge that creates a magnetic effect.
The tiny nanofibers bond with your own hair immediately after application and make your hair appear much more voluminous and denser. The fibers blend naturally and undetectably. Toppikā€™s technology makes the fibers resist perspiration, rain and wind. The fibers stay until you wash your hair.
Balding man before and after concealing scalp show-through
When to use:
You can apply Toppik wherever there is still hair. For instance:
• Thin hair.
• Fine hair.
• Hair loss related to aging or genetics.
• Hair loss related to hormonal changes or diseases.
• Hair loss related to stress or a diet.
• Hair loss during pregnancy and menopause.
• Gaps caused by tight ponytails, braiding or parting of the hair.
Hair fibers to conceal bad spots
How to use:
• Wash, blow-dry and style your hair as usual.
• Sprinkle or spray (with the Toppik spray applicator) the hair building fibers into the thinning areas until you no longer see the balding spots or gaps. Due to their static charge, the fibers connect immediately to your own scalp hair.
• Gently pat your hair to disperse the fibers.
• If necessary, lightly brush, comb or style your hair.
• For the best result, you should not use styling products after applying the fibers. When using gel or wax, individual hair fibers can clump together.
hair loss concealer tools
• The spray applicator ensures a more even and natural result.
• Use the hairline optimizer to create a natural-looking front hairline.
Hair Colors:
Toppik hair fibers are available in nine shades and can be used to match any hair color. The fibers/colors will not run out or rub off on your clothes or pillows. You can also use the fibers to cover grey roots or re-growth.
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