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Hair filler - Garnier Fructis Hair Filler
In the ever-evolving world of haircare, Garnier Fructis has taken a leap forward with the introduction of its Hair Filler product line. This collection is designed to reverse up to one year of visible hair damage in just one use, showcasing the brand's dedication to providing innovative solutions for diverse hair needs.
At the heart of this haircare range lies inspiration from the science behind skin fillers. Garnier Fructis aims to bring professional-strength technology into the hands of consumers, promising not only inner fiber repair but also a visible transformation on the outer layer of the hair. Ali Fakih, Senior Vice President of Garnier U.S., expresses excitement about the next generation of scientific hair repair, emphasizing the brand's commitment to delivering results that go seven layers deep into the hair.
Garnier recognizes the increasing demand for bond repair in both prestige and professional sectors. The brand is on a mission to democratize this transformative approach by introducing an affordable routine to the market. The Fructis Hair Filler collection is set to elevate the haircare experience for consumers worldwide, providing salon-worthy results in the comfort of their own homes.
Hair filler - Hair fiber repair treatment
The inner and outer layers of hair
hair repair, before and after
At the forefront of the Fructis Hair Filler collection is the Pre-Shampoo Bonding Inner Fiber Repair Treatment – a 5-minute pre-shampoo rinse-out treatment designed to repair damage to the hair cuticle and impart smoothness. This treatment serves as the initial step in a customizable system that includes shampoo, conditioner, and repair serum, each meticulously crafted to address individual hair types and desired outcomes.
The Fructis Hair Filler line comprises three distinct collections, each formulated to meet specific haircare needs:
1. Fructis Strength Repair with Vitamin Cg:
• Sulfate-free Hair Filler + Vitamin Cg system
• Formulated with Vitamin Cg + Citric Acid + Repair Care Complex
• Fills weak, damaged hair with strength
• Includes Pre-Shampoo Bonding Inner Fiber Repair Treatment, Strength Repair Shampoo, Strength Repair Conditioner, and Strength Repair Leave-in Serum
2. Garnier Fructis Moisture Repair with Hyaluronic:
• Sulfate-free Hair Filler + Hyaluronic system
• Formulated with Hyaluronic Acid + Citric Acid + Repair Care Complex
• Fills curly and wavy hair with moisture
• Comprises Pre-Shampoo Bonding Inner Fiber Repair Treatment, Moisture Repair Shampoo, Moisture Repair Conditioner, Moisture Repair Leave-in Serum, and Moisture Repair Gel Cream
3. Garnier Fructis Color Repair with Ceramide:
• Sulfate-free Hair Filler + Ceramide system
• Formulated with Ceramide + Citric Acid + Repair Care Complex
• Preserves color vibrancy in colored and bleached hair
• Includes Pre-Shampoo Bonding Inner Fiber Repair Treatment, Color Repair Shampoo, Color Repair Conditioner, and Color Repair Leave-in Serum
Complementing each Hair Filler system is the sulfate-free Bonding Inner Fiber Repair Pre-Shampoo Treatment. This formulation, enriched with 15% Peptides and Citric Acid Bond Repair Complex, collaborates with the Hair Filler systems to comprehensively repair hair from the inside out.
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Source: Garnier USA via PR Newswire
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